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North America

Files of More Than 40,000 Federal Workers Breached in Cyberattack

Wikileaks Releases CIA Report on High Value Targeting

5 Sweeping Changes Recommended for Secret Service After Fence Jumper Enters White House

Review Concludes Secret Service Needs More Agents, Outside Leader

Boston Marathon Bomber Appears in Court for First Time Since 2013

Feds Sue New York City Over Rikers Island Jail Violence

Three Cuban Agents Released as Part of Deal to Release American Alan Gross

New York State Bans Use of Fracking

Cuba Releases American After Five Years in Prison

Radar 'Blimps' to Monitor Washington Area Skies

New Evidence Sheds Light on Deadly Florida Traffic Stop

Obama to Start Normalizing U.S. Relations With Cuba

65 Percent of Children Live in Households on Federal Aid Programs

Theaters Cancel Showings After Terror Threats Following Sony Hack

Massachusetts Doctor Cured of Ebola Returning to Liberia

Federal Judge Rules Obama Immigration Actions Unconstitutional, Sites Separation of Powers

Obama Issues 'Executive Orders by Another Name'

World News

U.S. Allies Increasingly Absent From Syria Strikes

3 Senior ISIS Leaders Killed in U.S. Airstrikes

U.S. Investigators Link North Korea to Sony Hacking, Say State-Sponsored

Palestinians Put U.N. Resolution Before Security Council Demanding Israel Withdraw From West Bank

Suspected Boko Haram Militants Kidnap at Least 185 in Nigeria

Pakistan Reinstates Death Penalty in Wake of Deadly School Attack

Nigeria Sentences 54 Soldiers to be Executed for Mutiny for Refusing to Fight Boko Haram

One ISIS Militant Suspected of Killing 150 Women and Girls

U.S. Plans to Re-Establish Embassy in Havana, Cuba

25 Killed in Car Bomb Attack in Yemen

Kenya De-Lists 500 NGOs in Crackdown, Seizes Accounts, Threatens Prosecution

Sierra Leone to Conduct House-to-House Searches for Hidden Ebola Patients

"Accountant of Auschwitz" to Go On Trial for 300,000 Counts of Accessory to Murder

Russian Ruble Slides Again Despite Rate Hike

Taliban Assault on Pakistani School Leaves 130 Dead, Mostly Children

Russia Raises Key Interest Rate to 17% to Prop Up Ruble

Palestinians Press for U.N. Vote on Ending Occupation

Money & The Economy

Cheaper Oil Could Fuel a Drop in Mortgage Rates

Gap Between Rich and Middle-Income Largest in 30 Years

Oil Plunge Sets Stage for Energy Defaults

Senate Passes Bill Temporarily Renewing Tax Breaks

Cost of Afghan War Nearly $1 Trillion and Climbing, Hundreds of Billions Still to be Spent

Business News

Google Looks to Head Off U.S. Antitrust Lawsuit Over Android, Search Engine

Uber Plans Tighter Screening for Drivers

Leaked Emails Show Lions Gate Tried to Discuss Merger With Sony

Traders Predict Energy Company Bond Defaults as Oil Plunges Towards $50 a Barrel

Philips Expands in Medical Devices With $1.2 Billion Volcano Deal

Science & Technology

Voyager 1 Riding Shock Wave in Interstellar Space

Scientists Confident Marooned Comet Lander Will Wake Up in 2015

SpaceX Readies Rocket for Station Launch, Barge Landing

Mars Curiosity Rover Findings Fuel Theories of Ancient Life

NASA Rover Finds Methane, Organic Chemicals on Mars

Age of First Menstruation Linked to Heart Disease in Women

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