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North America

Gun Used by Boston Bomber Supplied by Alleged Heroin Dealer

Every Officer in NYPD to Undergo Retraining After Chokehold Death

Oklahoma Man Struggles For Three Months to Cancel Obamacare Enrollment

U.S. Consulate in Benghazi Warned State Department When Terrorists Moved in Next Door

Governnent Investigation Finds It Easy to Apply For Insurance, Subsides With Fake ID

IRS Official Says Lerner Emails May Be On Backup Tapes

New Arrest Made Over Gun Used to Kill Police Officer After Boston Marathon Bombing

Lois Lerner's Hard Drive Was Only 'Scratched', Could Have Been Recovered

Trader Joe's Costco, Sam's Club, Kroger, Walmart Issue Fruit Recall

Separate Court Decisions Uphold and Strike Down Obamacare Subsidies on Federal Exchange

Senate Probes Claim Delays, Denials in Black Lung Program

John Hopkins Hospital to Pay $190 Million to Women Videotaped by Gynecologist

Friend of Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Found Guilty of Impeding Investigation

Texas Governor Perry Sends National Guard Troops to Mexico Border

NAACP Claims Detroit Water Shutoffs Racially Motivated

Detroit Suspends Water Shutoff Policy for 15 Days

Washington DC Tests Sidewalks With Slow Lane for Cell Phone Users

World News

Iraqi Ambassador to U.S. Calls For More American Support

U.S. Releases Intelligence on Downing of Malaysia Airlines MH17

First Coffins Containing Malaysia Airline Victims Flown Out of Ukraine

Islamic State Claims Credit For Baghdad Suicide Bombing That Killed 33

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry Flys to Israel for Gaza Talks

With Focus on Ukraine and Gaza, Washington Watches Other Crises Simmer

Japan Guts Military Restrictions From Constitution, Plans Drone Fleet

What U.S. Intelligence Knows About Downing of Flight MH17

Israeli Soldier Missing in Gaza as Fighting Rages On

Hamas Rockets Found in Second UN School in Gaza

Opposite Court Rulings on Obamacare Subsidy May Lead to Supreme Court Ruling

FAA Places 24 Hour Ban on Flights to Israel

Islamic State Continues March on Baghdad

Egypt Calls for Peace Talks Between Israel and Palestinians

11 Parents of Abducted Nigerian Girls Dead, 7 in Attack on Village

IAEA Reports Iran Reducing Stockpile of Enriched Uranium

Body of Fugitive South Korea Ferry Owner Found

Money & The Economy

SEC Poised to Adopt Reforms for Money Market Funds

Chinese Currency Seeing Growth in International Transactions

Detroit Retirees and Workers Approve Pension Cuts in Bankruptcy Plan

GE $3 Billion Credit Card IPO Hinges on Investors Willingness to Bet on Recovery

Federal Government to Allow Oil Exploration Off of U.S. East Coast

Business News

Beretta Leaves Maryland Over Gun Laws, Moving Manufacturing to Tennessee

Sony Invests $35 Billion to Increase Image Sensor Production

Microsoft Projects Nokia Unit to Become Profitable Within Two Years

Goodwill Working With Feds to Investigate Potential Data Breach

Netflix Profit Doubles on Subscriber Growth, Rate Increase

Science & Technology

Blood Tests May Predict Survival for Those With Lou Gehrig's Disease

World's Largest Aquatic Insect Discovered in China

NASA Plans to Bring Asteroids Into Earth Orbit for Study and Analysis

Nickel Used in Portable Electronics Can Cause Allergic Rash in Some Individuals

Scientists Map Deep Magma Reservoir Below Mount Rainier in Washington

Scientists Develop a Material So Dark You Can't See It

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