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North America

Air Force Will Now Allow Airmen to Omit "So Help Me God" From Enlistment Oath

Man Jumps White House Fence, Sparks Brief Evacuation

Manhunt for Alleged Pennsylvania Cop Killer Forces Residents to Shelter

Over 700 Infants Exposed to Tuberculosis in El Paso Hospital

Over 100,000 Expected at New York Climate March

JetBlue Plane Makes Emergency Landing in California After Engine Explodes, Cabin Fills With Smoke

Grandfather in Rural Florida Kills Daughter, Her Six Children, Self

Father Who Killed His Five Children Thought They Would Kill Him, Feed Him to Dogs

Texas Executes Woman for Starving Boy to Death

California Governor Signs New Insurance Requirements for Ridesharing Companies

Chinese Hacked U.S. Military Contractors, Senate Pane Finds

Fugitive Accused of Cutting Off Man's Penis Returned to California From Czech Republic

Missouri Teen in Coma After Being Hit by Police Stun Gun

Chairman of Joint Chiefs Tells Senate He Will Not Rule Out Boots on Ground Against ISIS

Baltimore Police Assault Caught on Video, Man Files $35 Million Brutality Suit

New York Man Accused of Helping Islamic State

Administration Threatens to Cut Off Obamacare Subsidies to 360,000

World News

Deal Reached in Ukraine Peace Talks to Pull Artillery Back, Set Up Buffer Zone

Nigerian Girl Who Escaped Boko Haram Tells Her Tale of Survival

U.S. Gives $500 Million in Aid, Weapons and Training to Syrian Rebels in Fight Against ISIS

Sweden Protests Over Russian Bomber Incursions

Russian Nuclear Bombers Buzz Alaska, Northern Europe

CIA Curbs Spying in Western Europe

Syrian Children Die From Tainted Measles Vaccine

U.S. to Iran Ahead of Nuclear Talks: Free Detained Americans

France Conducts Successful Airstrike on Islamic State in Iraq

ISIS Seizes 16 Villages in Northern Syria

Ukraine President Asks U.S. Congress for Lethal Military Aid

WHO: More Than 700 Ebola Cases Emerge in One Week

Congress Approves Bill to Cut Backlog of Untested Rape Kits

Australian PM Defends Crackdown in Alleged Beheading Plot as Most Suspects Released

British Journalist Appears in New ISIS Propaganda Video

Eight Bodies, Including Three Journalists, Found After Attack on Ebola Education Team in Guinea

Scotland Rejects Independence, to Stay in U.K.

Money & The Economy

45 Percent of Americans Lack Savings to Cover Unexpected Expenses

Feds Vow to Keep Interest Rates Low for "Considerable" Time

U.S. Considering Options in Case of International Challenge to Oil Export Ban

Census: Number of Americans Living in Poverty Down, But Still Over 45 Million

Nevada Governor Signs $1.3 Billion Tax Break Package for Tesla Motors

Business News

Larry Ellison Stepping Down as Oracle CEO

Alibaba Surges in New York Trading Debut After U.S. IPO

Rift Widens Between Obama, Military Over Strategy to Fight Islamic State

Alibaba Sets Friday's IPO Price at $68 Per Share

56 Million Accounts at Risk in Home Depot Hack

Science & Technology

Android Phones to Join iPhone in Denying Police Access to User Data

Apple iOS 8 Has Built in "Kill Switch" to Help Lower Theft

North Korea Invites Western Scientists to Study Massive Volcano

NASA's Maven Spacecraft Reaches Mars This Weekend

Audi Gets First Permit to Test Self-Driving Cars in California

Two Apple Medical Trials Shed Light on How HealthKit Will Work

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