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North America

Eric Frein Caught at Abandoned Airport, Captured After 48 Days Without a Fight

Four Dead, Four Unaccounted for After Plane Crashes Into Building at Kansas Airport

Accused Pennsylvania Cop Killer Eric Frein Captured

Coast Guard Rescues 33 Cubans Off Coast of Florida

National Guard Deployed in Hawaii as Lava Moves Within 100 Feet of Home

Eric Holder Says Subpoena to Fox News Reporter is His One Regret

Canada Arrests Pakistani Gun Collector Living in Ontario, Alleges Terror Threat

Amelia Earhart Plane Fragment Identified

Military Pilot Killed in California Crash While Preparing to Land at Point Mugu

Ferguson Police Chief Says He's Not Quitting, Despite Reports

Short-Term Health Plans Grow as Cheap Alternative to Obamacare

Houston Mayor Drops Bid to Subpoena Pastors' Sermons

Fugitive Child Rape Suspect Caught After Multi-State Crime Spree

FBI Created Fake Seattle Times Web Page to Nab Bomb-Threat Suspect

Father Defends Teens Suspended for Posing With Airsoft Guns

Hagel Orders 21-Day Quarantine for All Military Personnel Returning From Ebola Mission

Slow-Moving River of Lava in Hawaii Reaches Residential Property

World News

Bodies of 150 Sunni Tribesmen Found in Anbar Province Mass Grave

ISIS Mass Execution at Mosul Prison Leaves 600 Dead

North Korea Publicly Executes 10 for Watching South Korean Soap Operas

France Holds Up Delivery of Warships to Russia

Clashes Erupt in Jerusalem After Israeli Police Kill Palestinian Suspected in Shooting

Boost in Russian Air Maneuvers Rattles Europe

Angry Hungarians Hit The Streets to Protest Internet Tax

Day After Mine Collapse in Turkey, 18 Still Trapped

UN Peacekeepers Free 67 Hostage in Central African Republic

Pakistan Urges U.S. to Halt Drone Strikes

Egypt Evacuates Homes Near Gaza to Make Way for Planned Buffer Zone

Russian Minister Says France Ready to Deliver Warships

10 Dead, Over 250 Missing in Sri Lanka Mudslide

Iraqi Peshmerga Fighters Head to Syria to Fight ISIS

Mastermind of Failed Australia Beheading Plot Killed in Middle East

Australia Becomes First Western Nation to Ban Travelers From Ebola-Hit Countries

Japan Nuclear Plant Gets Approval to Restart, Over Three Years After Fukushima

Money & The Economy

Increased Demand for Housing Rentals Driving Up Prices

AAA: High Oil Production Means Low Gas Prices

One in Five European Banks Fail Stress Test

Fannie Mae Settles Shareholder Lawsuit for $170 Million

U.S. Oil Exports at Highest Level Since 1957

Business News

Samsung Reports Lowest Profit in Three Years on Weak Smartphone Sales

More Than Half of State Ban Controversial Guardrail

Fireball Whiskey Pulled in Europe Due to Antifreeze Content

Microsoft Launches Wearable Fitness Device for $199

Retailers Refusing ApplePay Because of Existing Exclusivity Agreements

Science & Technology

Team of Deaf Interpreters Create Tablet That Reads Sign Language

New Leopard Frog Species Discovered in New York City

Vienna Company Develops World's Most Advanced Flying Car

SpaceX Plans to Land Returning Rockets on Ocean Platforms

Well-Preserved Baby Wooly Mammoth Carcass on Display in Moscow

Scientists Generate Human Stomach Tissue Using Stem Cells

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