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North America

Ex-Cop Pleads Not Guilty in Traffic Stop Slaying

Planned Parenthood Doctor Says to Call Fetal Tissue Harvesting 'Research' Not 'Business' in Latest Sting Video

Federal Judge Threatens to Hold IRS Chief in Contempt Over Failure to Release Lerner Emails

Court Bars Anti-Abortion Group From Releasing New Videos of California Company Officials

Florida Governor Orders Inspections of Planned Parenthood Offices

Planned Parenthood Reports Second Website Hack in a Week

Hillary Clinton to Testify Before House Benghazi Committee on October 22

Rally Held for Cincinnati Man Fatally Shot in Traffic Stop

Police Officer Involved in Deadly Cincinnati Shooting Indicted for Murder, Dismissed From Force

State Department Official Pleads Guilty to Stalking and Voyeurism Charges

Los Angeles City Council Passes Ban on Possession of High Capacity Magazines

Lawmakers Seek Details of Iran Nuke Inspection Regime

2 Dead After Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak Hits New York City

Ohio University Officer Indicted on Murder Charge in Traffic Stop Shooting

Florida Man Charged in Alleged Bomb Plot for ISIS in FBI Sting Operation

New York Prison Worker Pleads Guilty in Escape of 2 Killers

Technicality Allowed Louisiana Theater Shooter to Buy Gun Despite Despite Being Sent to Mental Hospital

World News

India Executes Man for 1993 Mumbai Bombings

Myanmar Frees Nearly 7,000 Prisoners in Amnesty, Including Chinese Loggers

Searcher Says Wing Find Won't Change MH370 Seabed Search

Russia Vetoes Bid to Set Up Tribunal for Downed Flight MH17

Peru Forces Raid Coca Region Rebel Slave Camp

North Korea Hoping China Breaks With U.S. Over Sanctions

Turkey Bombs Kurdish Rebels in Iraq

Officials Say Debris Found at Indian Ocean Island Belongs to Same Type of Plane as Missing MH370

Turkey Seeks NATO Endorsement in Islamic State Fight

China Says Not Planning Military Bases in the Maldives

U.S. and Turkey Mulling 'Safe Zone' in Northern Syria

Turkey Arrests Dozens More in Sweep Against Islamic State, Kurdish Militants

Shelling in Yemen Reported on First Day of Five-Day Humanitarian Truce

Iraqi Government Forces Re-Capture ISIS Command Base in Ramadi

Colombian Government Ends Airstrikes Against FARC Rebels

Obama Says Burundi Elections 'Not Credible', Calls for Talks

Turkey Requests NATO Meeting After Attacks on ISIS, Kurds Blamed for Terror Attacks

Money & The Economy

China Stocks Tumble 8 Percent, Suffer Biggest One-Day Loss in Eight Years

U.S. Senate Vote Keeps Export-Import Bank's Chances Alive

Greek Banks Set for Months-Long Freeze on Deposits

Talks for $94 Billion Greek Bailout Stall Again as Next Deadline Approaches

Fed Inadvertently Publishes Staff Forecast for 2015 Rate Hike

Business News

FedEx to No Longer Transport Bioterror Germs in Wake of Anthrax Lab Mishaps

Tesla Offers Model S Referral Program as First Sales Incentive

Facebook Profit Falls 9 Percent as Costs Soar

Windows 10 to Debut on Wednesday, For Free

Facebook to Scale Up Free Mobile Internet Service to Boost Usage

Science & Technology

Amazon Wants to Create a Drone Superhighway

Epic Drought Reveals Lake Mead's Hidden Historic Sites

'Metal Muscles' Flex a New Bionic Hand

American Hunter Accused of Poaching Protected Lion on Safari Hunt

8-Year-Old Becomes First Child to Receive Double Hand Transplant

Identities of Mysterious Jamestown Settlers Revealed

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