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North America

Recently Established NY Mental Health List Preventing Gun Ownership Zooms to 34,500

Woman Spotted Suspected Cop Killer in Woods With Gun and Mud on Face

Officer Who Shot Michael Brown Recounts Incident

Afghanistan Vet Does Battle With Michigan Teachers Union Over Paycheck Deductions

Human Remains Found in Search for Missing UVA Student

Brown's Blood Found on Officer Wilson's Gun, Uniform, Car Door

Ferguson Officer in Brown Shooting Feared for His Life, Report Says

Courts Knock Down Gay Marriage Bans in Arizona, Alaska, Wyoming

Man Freed After 28 Years in Prison on Murder Charges After Judge Rules Wrongful Conviction

Supreme Court Weighs in on Controversial Texas Voter ID Law

Mexico Mayor Impeached Over Link to 43 Missing, Potentially Murdered, College Students

California Man Eaten by Bear After Suffering Heart Attack

Satanic Rituals Reported at North Carolina House Where Bodies Found

On The Run From Cops, Bloodied Suspect Stops at California Starbucks

Obama to Name Longtime Political Aide as 'Ebola Czar', Bypassing Senior Health Official

Documents Show Another Fast and Furious Gun Found at Crime Scene

Alarm After Vomiting Passenger Dies on Flight From Nigeria to JFK

World News

U.S. Airdrops Arms to Kurds in Syrian Town of Kobani

Houthi Rebels Storm Headquarters of Capital's Local Government

Mass Jailbreak as DRC Violence Worsens

Hong Kong Protest Clashes Leave 20 Injured

Nigerians Doubtful of Girls' Release After Boko Haram 'Truce' Breached

Koreas Exchange Gunfire Across Border for Second Time in Under 10 Days

Turkey Balks at Arming Kurds Against ISIS

Canada Shipping 800 Vials of Experimental Ebola Vaccine to WHO

Boko Haram Agrees to Truce, Will Free Over 200 Kidnapped Girls

South Korea Shuts Down Nuclear Reactor After Crack Discovered

UN Admits Bungling Response to Ebola Outbreak

Militia Accused of Rwanda Genocide Facing Onslaught

Iraqi Pilots Training ISIS Fighters to Fly Captured Planes

Britain 'Sleepwalked' Into Becoming a Mass Surveillance State

Security Guard in Brazil Confesses to Murdering 39 People

Old Rivalries Keeping Turkey on Sidelines of Syria Fight, Analysts Say

U.S. State Department Warns Businesses in North Africa of ISIS Retaliation

Money & The Economy

Troubled Private Student Loan Borrowers Get Little Help, CFPB Reports

Obama Signs Order to Tighten Security for Federal Credit Cards, Urges Banks to Follow Suit

Census Bureau Report Says 48 Million Americans Live in Poverty

Citigroup Study Sees $1.1 Trillion Stimulus From Oil Plunge

Greece Returns to Market Spotlight With Nosedive

Business News

Microsoft Plans to Launch a Wearable Watch Within Weeks

Tesla May Face Direct Sales Ban in Michigan

Egypt Signs With Six International Firms to Dredge New Suez Canal

Twitpic Photo Sharing Service to Shut Down After Failed Acquisition

Starbucks Workers Get Pay Bump, New Coffee, Tattoo Leeway

Science & Technology

Puppy-Sized Spider Surprises Scientist in Rainforest

NASA Probe Spies Nanoflares and Plasma 'Bombs' on Sun

FCC to Explore Next Generation Wireless Networks

Military Space Plane Lands After Record 674-Day Secret Mission

NASA Claims Images Show Frozen Water on Mercury

Lockheed Claims Breakthrough in Fusion Energy Project

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