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North America

Suspect Arrested in Deadly Shooting of Charlotte Protester

Tulsa, Oklahoma Police Officer Charged with Manslaughter in Shooting of Unarmed Man

Employee at Tennessee Plant Fatally Shot Two Supervisors Walking Out of Meeting

Southern California Child Diagnosed With Leprosy

Charlotte Police Chief Says Victim's Family Will See Video of Police Killing

New North Carolina Law Restricts Access to Police Body Camera Videos

Ex-Cuomo Aid, Eight Others Charged in New York Corruption Case

Prosecutors, Public Defender Squabble Over Status of Accused New York Bomber

9 Injured, 44 Arrested in Second Night of Protests in Charlotte, North Carolina

New York City Bomb Suspect Still Unconscious After Shootout, Unable to be Questioned

Riots Over Police Shooting Engulf Charlotte for Second Night

National Guard Called In As Violent Protests Roil Charlotte

Suspect in New York, New Jersey Bombing Charged with Shooting Officer, Awaits Federal Charges

Man Arrested in Stabbing of Maine Police Officer

Oklahoma Police Release Video of Officer Shooting Unarmed Black Man

Despite Flaws, Paperless Voting Machines Remain Widespread in the U.S.

Suspect in New York, New Jersey Bombings Caught After Shootout

World News

U.S. Senate Clears Way for $1.15 Billion Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia

Rocket Fired From Syria Injures 6 in Turkish Border Town

Aleppo Hit by Worst Strikes in Months as Putin, Assad Ignore U.S. Plea

Iraqi Army Says It Recaptured Key Town South of Mosul

Jets Pound Aleppo's Rebel-Held Areas, Defying U.S.

U.S. Fighter Jet Crashes Off Japanese Island of Okinawa

North Korea Claims Successful Test of New Rocket Engine

Nazi 'Time Capsule' From 1934 Found, Opened in Poland

U.N. Suspends Aid After Convoy Attack as Syria Ceasefire Collapses

Russia, Syria Deny Responsibility After Aid Convoy Hit by Air Strike, Killing 20 Civilians

Iraqi Forces Launch Operation to Drive Islamic State from Town South of Mosul

Phantom Voters, Smuggled Ballots Hint at Foul Play in Russian Vote

Saudi Pilot Accidentally Raises Hijack Alarm

China Says Japan Trying to 'Confuse' South China Sea Situation

Pro-Putin Party Wins Landslide Victory in Russian Election

China Threatens Countermeasures After Dalai Lama Speaks at EU Parliament

Syria Cease-Fire Seen Near Collapse

Money & The Economy

U.S. Coal Country Falls on Hard Times

Wall Street Rally Continues After Fed Rate Decision, NASDAQ Hits Record High

Germans Rally Against Planned EU Trade Deals with U.S., Canada

Alabama Pipeline Shutdown Could Send Gas Prices Higher in Southeast and Eastern U.S.

Deutsche Bank to Fight $14 Billion Demand From U.S. for Mortgage-Backed Securities Settlement

Business News

Twitter Shares Jump on Report of Possible Acquisition Offers

Documents Reveal Expected Revenue from EpiPen Sales After Controversial Price Hike

Yahoo Confirms 500 Million Accounts Compromised in Huge Data Breach

Instagram Says Advertisers More Than Double in Six Months

Uber Rival Grab Partners with Driverless Car Firm in Singapore

Science & Technology

Top Officials Gather at U.N. to Address Falling Effectiveness of Antibiotics

Russians Delay Next Space Station Crew Launch

North Dakota Fossils Could Be New Species of Ancient Marine Life

$5.3 Billion Pledged for Marine Conservation at U.S. Summit

Scientists Find More Species of Tool-Using Crows

Galapagos Tortoise Saved From Extinction, Single Male Fathers Estimated 800 Offspring

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