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Exclusively on CFN: IRS Begins Collection of Very Old Debts

North America

House Panel Adopts Resolution Criticizing Obama for Bergdahl Prisoner Exchange

Federal Review of FBI Lab Unit Halted After Finding Errors in Majority of Cases

Lawmaker to Introduce Bill for National Soda Tax

Judge Rules Court Cannot Seize Kurdish Crude Off Coast of Texas

Kidnapper Was Arrested Twice During Nine Months Teenager Was Missing

Small Plane Kills Two in Emergency Landing on Florida Beach

Debate Rages Over Proposed EPA Rule on Plant Emissions

93 Year Old Water Main Breaks in Los Angeles, Floods UCLA Campus

Federal Court Rules Law Cannot Shut Down Last Abortion Clinic in State of Mississippi

U.S. and EU Enact Stricter Sanctions Against Russia

Man Who Died From Ebola in Nigerian Airport Was On Way Home to U.S.

Mexican Family Sues U.S. Over Fatal Cross-Border Shooting of Teen

Court Upholds Requirement for New Meat Labels Showing Origins of Meat

Judge Signs Order to Seize Kurdish Oil Tanker Off Coast of Texas

Audit Warns U.S. Poor Tracking of Weapons Sent to Afghanistan Could Put in Wrong Hands

Iraq Files Suit to Gain Possession of Oil Cargo in Texas Port Taken by Kurds

White House Plans Executive Order to Grant Work Permits to Millions of Illegal Immigrants

World News

Shi'ite Militia Hangs Up 15 Executed Sunnis in Iraqi Town Square

At Least 15 Children Killed by Shelling at UN Run School in Gaza

Top Ebola Doctor Dies From The Disease

Missionary Groups Order Personnel Out of Liberia as Ebola Spreads

Attack by Muslim Separatists in Xinjiang China Kills Dozens

Obama Dismisses Suggestion Russia Sanctions Could Lead to New Cold War

Europe Bankrolling al-Qaeda Through Payment of Ransoms

Germany Accepts Infected Ebola Patient for Treatment

Suicide Bomber Kills Afghan President's Cousin

Anarchy: Analysts Estimate Up To 1,700 Armed Groups Operating in Libya

Body of Teenager Found in Wheelwell of U.S. Military Plane in Germany

30 Killed in Benghazi as Libyan Forces Battle Islamic Militants

Syrian Rebels Detonate Bomb-Filled Tunnels, Killing 13

Doctor Who Contracted Ebola in Grave Condition

ISIS Threat Forces Emirates Airlines to Stop Flights Over Iraq

Gaza Militants Infiltrate Israel by Tunnel, Kill Five Israeli Soldiers

Israel Hits Gaza With Heaviest Bombardment Yet

Money & The Economy

Senate Study Shows Mobile Phone Users Paid Hundreds of Millions in Bogus Charges

More Banks Caught Up in U.S. Investigation of 'Dark Pools' Trading

Grieving Parents Hit with $200,000 in Student Loans

Study Shows 33% of Adults Have Debts in Collections

Medical Identity Theft Can Threaten Health As Well As Bank Account

Business News

Hyundai Recalls 883K Sonata for Transmission Issue

Bank of America Fined $1.27 Billion for Countrywide Fraud

GM Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Deaths, Injuries Linked to Ignition Switch

Twitter's Active Users Increase 24% to 271 Million

Consumer Reports Says Toyota Should Recall Camry Hybrids With Brake Issues

Science & Technology

NASA Maps Geysers, Find Evidence of Liquid Water on Saturn Moon

Volcanic Heat Melts Road in Yellowstone National Park

Drug Company Applies for Approval of First Ever Malaria Vaccine

Volunteers Emerge From Mock Mars Base in Hawaii After Four Months in Isolation

Scientists Discover Fossils of Oldest Blood-Sucking Insects

Unmanned Cargo Helicopter Tested in Afghanistan

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