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North America

Doctor in New York City Recently Returned From Guinea Tests Positive for Ebola

Canada Parliament Shooter Had Known ISIS Connections

Alabama Man Gets $1,000 in Police Settlement, His Lawyers Get $459,000

Man Arrested After Jumping White House Fence, Causing Lockdown

Mexican Security Forces Capture Wife of Top Drug Lord

Blackwater Guards Found Guilty in Iraq Shootings

Soldier Shot, Gunman Enters Canadian Parliament, Many Shots Fired

Solider Shot at Canadian War Memorial Near Parliament

Investigation Finds Secret Service Use in Employee's Personal Dispute 'Problematic'

71% of Obamacare Signups Traced to Government Expansion of Medicaid

Freelance Journalist Who Contracted Ebola Now Disease-Free

Head of Mixican Cartel Appears in Texas Court

Detroit Officials Bristle at UN Visit, Scolding Over Water Shut-Offs

Official Michael Brown Autopsy Reportedly Reveals Teen Was Shot at Close Range

Florida Court Rules Red-Light Camera Operators Cannot Give Tickets

Department of Homeland Security Probes Medical Devices for Cyber Flaws

White House Fence Jumper Found 'Not Competent'

World News

Islamic State Earns $1 Million Per Day in Black Market Oil Sales

Explosion Near Bus Station in Nigeria Kills 5, Injures 12

Turkey Makes Deal to Let Kurdish Fighter Pass Through Country Into Syria

Traffickers Use Abductions, Prison Ships to Feed Asian Slave Trade

Pakistani Court Upholds Death Sentence for Christian Woman Accused of Insulting Islam

Three American Girls En Route to Syria Planned to Join Militant Groups, Official Says

U.S. Working Closely With Kurds to Save Kobani, Report Says

ISIS Video Claims to Have Weapons, Ammo Air-Dropped by U.S.

At Least 22 Hacked and Clubbed to Death in Democratic Republic of Congo Town

Reports Claim Ukraine Used Cluster Bombs in Donetsk City

Japanese Man Who 3D Printed Guns Sentenced to Two Years in Prison

Quadruple Car Bombings Kill 40 in Karbala, Iraq

Suicide Car Bomber Kills 67 in Yemen at Houthi Gathering

Polish Ex-Minister Claims Putin Offered to Divide Ukraine With Poland

Yemen's Al Qaeda Expresses Support for Islamic State Against 'Crusade'

Ukraine Crisis: Donetsk Chemical Plant Hit by Massive Explosion

U.S. Airdrops Arms to Kurds in Syrian Town of Kobani

Money & The Economy

U.S. Oil Exports at Highest Level Since 1957

Coburn Report Details Worst Examples of Government Waste

Tax Hikes Drive Federal Tax Revenue Over $3 Trillion for First Time Ever

At Least 11 Banks to Fail European Stress Tests

Officials Warn 500 Million Financial Records Hacked in Past 12 Months

Business News

GM Overcomes Recall Costs to Turn Profit in Third Quarter

Reynolds Tobacco to Ban Smoking in Offices

Big Tech Winning Battle with 'Patent Trolls'

U.S. Regulators Expand Number of Vehicles Affected by Air Bag Recalls

Staples Probing Potential Credit Car Breach

Science & Technology

Hendo Kickstarter Project Offers First Levitating Skateboard

Three Mars Probes Hide Behind Red Planet to Avoid Comet Debris

Puppy-Sized Spider Surprises Scientist in Rainforest

NASA Probe Spies Nanoflares and Plasma 'Bombs' on Sun

FCC to Explore Next Generation Wireless Networks

Military Space Plane Lands After Record 674-Day Secret Mission

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